Sunday, April 24, 2016

It smells like sex in here!

What does sex smell like to you?

"After Sex" really does have a smell.  Of course, some of it could be guilt!

Each body produces bodily fluids during sexual activities.  Each person has different levels of odor that permeates through their sweat and different people sweat differently.  I have friends who seem cool during the hottest part of summer; and some friends who sweat during winter.

It is not just sweat, but pheromones that get released.  Pheromones are "scents" designed to work outside of the body to influence the feelings, emotions and excitement of other persons.  If you don't believe in pheromones, just watch how dogs reach when they get the scent of a dog in heat.  You can call it what you want -- but the dogs are reacting to pheromones.

Another researcher called pheromones -- "airborne chemical" messengers of the body.  And true pheromone scents affect a particular part of the nose; not the same part that can tell that Aunt Edna is cooking Pad Thai or Crawfish Jambalaya.

Other things influence the "odor" of sex, or as one writer called it, "le parfum de knocking boots".  Condoms smell different after use.  Most guys will not go down on their girl after intercourse if a condom is used because the smell can be terrible; and it affects the taste of the sweet-treat you were planning to snack on.

So many people say it smells like "musk".  But I tried to explain to a younger person what "musk" was, and I found myself at a loss.  I finally looked it up and found that it refers to the excretions from a male deer.  Just like everything else in our lives, "real musk" is no longer used in perfumes because it is too expensive.  Now that just create it in the lab. :(

There is also some new research that states that pheromones are specific to the "animal" that created them.  In other words, pheromones taken from a pig will entice other pigs, but there is no evidence to support that it will entice humans.

Have you ever been outside and sniffed the air only to exclaim to your friends that "the rain is coming".  Bet you can't explain what you really smelled that triggers you to believe that the rain is near -- but you know you can smell it.  Trying to describe the smell of sex is like that also.

The idea of scents making you excited is not so far fetched.  Ask any boy entering puberty about his erections that occur at the wrong time throughout the day.  He will be the first to tell you that he wasn't thinking of anything sexual -- but his hormones (which form part of the pheromone circuit) are kicking into gear and telling parts of his body to stand up and be noticed.  PS:  When you are a kid, you hate this.  When you are an adult, you cry because this doesn't happen any more!!

There is one commercial pheromone product that I have purchased and I can't understand the response that I get.  Men tell me how nice my perfume is EVERY time I wear it; and my good friends (female) tell me that it doesn't smell nice!  It is called Pure Instinct and is sold by LoveWorks.

But no matter people tell you, smells do affect us.  Personally, I get excited by the smell of pop corn being popped; bread being baked; and fresh cookies being baked.  There are studies that real estate sellers use to support the theory that "open houses" are more successful when the house is filled with the aroma of fresh baked cookies.  Go figure.  :)

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